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Hi it’s me, Movado.

In this first edition of DR.pOZ, we will take a look at frequently asked question Is the Chihuahua a pampered pup or a powerhouse?

It is true that the chihuahua is recognized as the smallest of the breeds with the standard approving a weight up to 6lbs, but this can vary – look at me I’m only 2.5lbs.  Make no mistake, our diminutive size doesn’t make us a frail, wispy, little toy.

It is certainly true that many a chihuahua has been carried and toted around by their devoted people – and don’t get me wrong, we love the attention… However if I may speak for us all,  we are as happy being indulged and pampered as we are hitting the ground running and dishing out some big dog powerhouse attitude.

Did you know,

  • that historians trace our roots as far back as 1,400 years before the first Europeans arrived in Mexico… clearly not a frail little breed to survive since way back then; …powerhouse!
  • that Chihuahuas serve as efficient ratters and watch dogs – displaying terrier-like characteristics of self-importance, confidence and self-reliance that make it clear size is irrelevant to the task;  …powerhouse!
  • we are fiercely loyal and protective of our people – but we do need a bit of training to contain and direct all that love into the right social behaviours;  …powerhouse!
  • chihuahuas are naturals in athletic performance events – clearly we didn’t get the memo saying we were small dogs – we are confident contenders that shine in show, obedience, agility, rally, and even tracking… plus we love to ham it up the spotlight; …powerhouse!
  • and speaking of spotlight I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our fame in pop culture – decades later, who can forget Gidget (Taco Bell), and our star billing in Chihuahuas, the Movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua flicks, Legally Blonde, … and the list goes on, we are all over Hollywood! …powerhouse!

So there you have it… 5 arguments that support chihuahuas as a powerhouse!  We may be the smallest of all breeds but don’t even try to contain the gigantic personality of the tiny chihuahua.

Signing off, time for a little me time – belly rubs and some snuggles by the fire await …power-nap!

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Source:  AKC Family Dog, March-April 2017 by Martin Crescent.
Pampered Pup or Powerhouse?…or Both?

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