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Hi it’s me, Movado.

So over the last 4 weeks, sports fans have been anxiously checking the phones for scores, employees have been sneaking looks at games online and sports bars have been flooded with TV-viewing patrons as March Madness unfolded…

I can’t help wonder how the March Madness hype compares to Movado Madness, here’s a look at some fun facts:

graphic comparing March Madness to Movado Madness on 5 fun facts

  1. March Madness lasts a mere 31 days compared to Movado Madness that runs 365 days per year – that’s more than 10 times the fun with Movado Madness!
  2. Preoccupied workers could cost employers $4 billion due to lost productivity with some 20% of employed Americans compiling brackets and streaming games to the tune of 80.7 million live streams during the tournament in 2016!   Movado never stops working, when he is not busy being a stud, he is hard at work on the farm with the horses!
  3. The economic impact on the March Madness host city is estimated at $100-150M, and some even project upwards to $300M… That’s impressive, but the joy Movado brings… priceless!
  4. The odds of picking a perfect bracket in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament are really, really small.  Some mathematicians believe it’s as low as 1 in 9.2 quintillion, while others, think it’s as “high” as 1 in 128 billion. Either way, picking all 63 games correctly is next to impossible.  The breeding of chihuahuas is a complex and delicate undertaking and should be entrusted to trained professionals, otherwise the odds of success are slim (maybe not as slim as the perfect bracket, but slim!)
  5. In recent years, the media has hyped a phenomenon dubbed “Vas Madness” due to an increase in vasectomies during the month of March.  Many men who are ready for a vasectomy conveniently schedule their appointment when they can recover while watching the madness ensue.  Some urologist are even playing into this behaviour… one group in Cape Cod, MA saw a 22% increase in business by offering free pizza with the procedure during March Madness.  Now that’s madness.  When it comes to progeny, Movado is the quintessential chihuahua stud and all about the quest!

All in all, I may be a little bit biased – but I say Movado Madness gets a high five on this one!

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