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Hi it’s me, Movado.

In this first edition of Canines of York, I am excited to feature a beautiful harlequin Great Dane, my buddy Bruce.

Bruce was born September 30th, 2016 in Brampton Ontario and now resides at Cashel Farms in Stouffville Ontario with his owner-mom, Chris.

When Bruce came to live at Cashel Farms, he had big paws to fill …he didn’t know it yet but you see he was following in the footsteps of his big brother Maleki, who lived a wonderful, long life until the age of 10 in the loving care of his mom and all his many friends at the barn.

black and white photo of harlequin Great Dane

Maleki, so majestic.

True to his breed, Maleki was majestic, loyal and a steadfast companion to his mom, working by her side all day long, tending to the horses, greeting all visitors and keeping a watchful eye on their comings and goings… He was TOP dog around here.  Sadly he left us last fall but he lives on in all our memories…

Bruce is quickly learning his way around the barn and easily finding his way into the heart of his mom and everyone who meets him. Although he never knew his big brother, he is just like him – from his distinctive harlequin markings to his temperament and quirky mannerisms, he is as close a carbon copy as we could have wished for. Sure, he is still a bit clumsy, but if he ever grows into his massive big paws – watch out!


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Bruce has the most captivating blue eyes ever… I mean just look at them, he could definitely give “old blue eyes” a run for his money!  You can see right through them to his good natured soul and know instantly that he is 87 pounds of pure love, and still growing.

Recently we found out that Bruce has a heart condition that is causing us all to worry.  Because Great Danes grow at such a rapid rate in the first year, development anomalies can cause his condition to change very quickly.   He has the support of great veterinary care and a lot of people in his corner but for now we are waiting for fluid to clear in his lungs.

The waiting is the hardest part – all we can do is keep him calm and rested (which is really hard for a spunky chihuahua like me!).

Please keep Bruce in your thoughts and hopes for a full recovery.

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